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Vani Sarma

Vani Sarma has been practicing yoga for over twenty years. Having experienced first hand the effects of stress and burn out, Yoga was a great enabler in helping her regain her health and well-being. With extensive experience behind, Vani obtained Professional Teacher Training in Yoga (accredited by the Government of Switzerland; recognized in most countries around the world), decided to launch  OMYOGA that could help others to live well and feel amazing. 

Vani is a lifelong learner who is committed to Continuous Professional Development (CPD), therefore seeks and utilizes every chance possible to develop her wealth of field knowledge related to Yoga. As well as a Yoga Teacher, Vani is a Member of Integration Forum and a Bharathanatyam Artist,  who is passionate about Carnatic music, Sports, playing Violin, and bridal make-overs. She is a former Announcer of Knalk who possesses considerable experience in Kindergarten Teaching. 

Passionate about keeping the OMYOGA community since the world went into lockdown, Vani wanted to continue providing Yoga classes, meditations, courses, events, and workshops. So launched OMYOGA online.

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